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Amy Yi

Chef, west~borne

Amy Yi believes that food is community. For her, the power of food is most deeply demonstrated in the bonds it can forge; the social, environmental and economic implications it can illuminate; and the experiences it can bring to life for those who come together to break bread. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Amy was initially drawn to the competitive pace of New York City as an advertising associate for magazines such as Glamour and Fortune but soon realized that what she craved was a much more visceral connection to her work and an opportunity to nourish and delight others through food. With the pioneering spirit of the west coast coursing through her, she skipped culinary school, instead opting to jump right onto the line. What followed was a remarkable journey through stages at Mugaritz and Noma, influential experiences at esteemed restaurants such as Degustation and Jean Georges, and most recently, the role of executive sous chef at Stephen Starr’s Upland under Justin Smillie.  Grounded in her California-Korean heritage with a serious case of wanderlust, Amy’s culinary inspiration and worldview draws from family traditions infused with a passion for cultural diversity. With west~bourne, Amy strives to bring an everyday rapture to what you crave, how you care for your community, and why a collective impact matters.