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Trung Vu

Executive Pastry Chef, Upland

Growing up in New Orleans, Trung Vu firmly believes we live to eat.  "Food comas were a common part of growing up.  Some people believe in moderation, but I believe when something is good, more is better.  Like mom's egg rolls.  I could eat twenty of those in a row."  He studied at the now defunct Le Cordon Bleu in Hollywood, California before moving to New York City in 2010.


Trung attributes his strong pastry background to his training with the talented chefs at The Standard, High Line where he was given a chance to join the pastry team as an overnight baker.  "Being responsible for the breads we made in house such as the sourdough croissants or brioche doughnuts was a real exercise in learning how to offer the best possible version of whatever it is you make, which I hope comes through in these chocolate chip cookies as well!"


Trung has been the Executive Pastry Chef at Upland since 2015.  Outside of baking and eating baked goods, Trung enjoys tearing up the streets and parks of Manhattan on his bicycle as well as the vocal stylings of Lana del Rey, who can do no wrong in his humble opinion.


Instagram: @trungvu / @upland_nyc