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Simone Pancoast


Simone Pancoast (American, b. 2014) is a free-spirited four year old pre-k student residing in New Milford, CT. Originally from Queens,NY Simone has spent many weekends either in a museum or walking through one of New York’s five boroughs exploring everything from fine art and sculpture to urban street art and photography. Living in a melting pot of art and culture definitely has had its influence on Simone and her interest in artistic ventures. With her mother as an early childhood educator, Simone has been exposed to a variety of mediums and together they enjoy exploring new materials and trying out new ideas. Simone particularly enjoys mixing media, using a combination of materials in one piece. She loves exploring natural materials, climbing trees, being barefoot and gymnastics. While she loves immersing herself in a good art project, Simone plans to pursue a career in marine biology, specifically for her love of sea turtles and other sea creatures.