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Sam Schlanger


Sam Schlanger is a thirteen year old who is making his art show debut tonight at Chefs for Kids’ Cancer, in New York City. Sam loves to draw realistic portraits of people but will draw anything really. He was very honored to be asked to create a piece of art for this event. Sam has been connected to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer since he was in preschool. Sam and his twin brother Ari were in class with Liam Witt and were his friends. Sam loves working with Cookies and has participated in bake sales, raffles and walks in support of the organization. Sam feels so much more connected to CFKC now because Cookies really supported his family in such a nice way when one of them was sick. Sam spends much of his time thinking about and playing sports and music. He plays guitar, is in a band named “Ghost” and listens to The Grateful Dead, The Rolling Stones, The Old 97’s, and Wilco. He loves to play basketball, football, box, and is obsessed with Hamilton and The University of Michigan . Sam is in awe that his art is being showcased alongside professional artists. Sam wants to dedicate this piece of art to his dad who introduced him to classic rock n’ roll.