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Brent Martin

The Summit Room

Leading the innovative team at The Summit Room, is Executive Chef, Brent Martin. Originally from Buffalo, New York, Brent moved to Charlotte, North Carolina in 2006 to be closer to family and back in Buffalo, Brent's culinary career started as most occurrences of fate do- by chance.

Working as a dishwasher in a tiny, authentic, Buffalo pizzeria, he got his first taste of what would soon be his chosen career. Late one night, after the owner sent all of the cooks home, the restaurant suddenly filled up with hungry patrons. The owner had no choice but to pull Brent away from the dish pit, and after moving to Charlotte, Brent's career really started to take shape. Working for Executive Chef Geoff Bragg at Pewter Rose, a Charlotte institution, Martin developed his own culinary philosophy, while acquiring many important fundamental skills. Being mentored by Bragg taught him the important notion of how to be a respected man and leader in the kitchen. With the solid understanding of this simple, yet often missed, ideal, Brent feels the need to “pay it forward.”
Without the traditional upbringing that most professionally trained chefs possess, Chef Brent Martin had to find his own style, and did so very quickly. With a diverse background, and an Italian mother, bits of italian influences can be seen throughout his southern dishes. Because Brent was not formally trained in a culinary program, he feels it gives him more freedom to always push the envelope and not fit into a specific “mold”. Although he is not a native of Charlotte, nor the South for that matter, he is proud of the way that he has adapted to this environment, embracing the culture and marrying it with his northern roots. Brent has climbed the ranks and has quickly earned himself a spot as one of the top chefs in Charlotte, as in 2015 he won the Competition Dining Series.

Chef Brent Martin's commitment to the culinary world is simple: Don't follow trends. Be a leader, a mentor, and an innovator. But, most importantly, leave an imprint.