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Happy Bonus Birthday Good Cookies !

Everyone loves birthdays. And at Cookies for Kids' Cancer™ birthdays are always extra special.

For years, many Good Cookies have "given" their birthdays to raise money for pediatric cancer research, but birthdays, are so awesome we don't want you to always feel like you need to give yours away! So we came up with a fun idea that might just make everyone happy. Introducing the BONUS BIRTHDAY!

What, you might ask, is a BONUS BIRTHDAY?

  • First of all, a Bonus Birthday does NOT make you any older. That's right - you get to stay the same age … or any age you want to be! Wish you were 22 forever? Go for it on your Bonus Birthday.
  • A Bonus Birthday is your opportunity to celebrate life and at the same time raise funds for Cookies for Kids' Cancer™ to help give kids battling cancer MORE birthdays. Gather friends or family or colleagues or neighbors or whoever you know and love. Tell them it's your Bonus Birthday and invite them to celebrate life with you!

Ready to celebrate your Bonus Birthday? Let's get started...

  1. REGISTER your Bonus Birthday. Here is your opportunity to plan your ideal Bonus Birthday! Pick a title for your party, set a goal and create a custom fundraising URL to share with friends and family.
    1. When asked, "How did you hear about Cookies for Kids' Cancer™?", select "Bonus Birthday" to receive a complimentary Party Pack, complete with Cookies for Kids' Cancer™ branded stickers, balloons and brochures!
  2. PLAN to celebrate your Bonus Birthday in any way you wish! You can have a party with friends, host a game night, a poker tournament or just go out to dinner - anything goes because it's YOUR day!
  3. SHARE your Bonus Birthday on social media using #Cookies4Kids. You can also create a custom-made Evite to invite your friends and family to your event! Here are a few sample social media posts to help you get started:
    1. Celebrate my Bonus Birthday with me by giving kids battling cancer more birthdays of their own: [link]
    2. Who doesn't love birthdays? I'm hosting a Bonus Birthday to support childhood cancer research. Learn more about how you can celebrate with me [link]
  4. Host your event! On the big day, inspire your friends and family to help create more birthdays by giving a birthday gift to Cookies for Kids' Cancer™ on your fundraising page.

Have questions? Email nicole@beagoodcookie.org.

Thanks for being such a great supporter and, oh yeah, let us be the first to wish you a Happy Bonus Birthday!

Inspiring Good Cookie Stories...

Ally Hoffman

Inspired by Liam Witt's courageous battle with cancer, Ally began dedicating her birthday to Cookies for Kids' Cancer when she turned 9. She was so excited to know she was helping make a difference. Ally has asked for donations for childhood cancer research instead of gifts for her past four birthdays, and continues to keep up the tradition every year.


Olivia celebrated her 10th birthday in 2014 by asking her friends and family to make a donation to Cookies for Kids' Cancer. Proving you're never too young to make a difference, she served cookies at her party and in total, her efforts raised $820 for childhood cancer research!