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Ryan's "100% Hope" Bake Sale 2019

$2,874.00 raised

Thank-you for visiting our fundraising page in honor and memory of our very special boy.

The Amazing Super Ryan was a happy kid with a big heart.  He loved sports, especially the Red Sox, and was a voracious reader, devouring the Harry Potter books.  He loved music too and dreamed of being in a rock band one day.  Most of all, Ryan was full of hope.  He once told me "I have 100% hope.  I'm the most hopeful person on the planet".  Hence, the name of our bake sale and fundraising page.

Ryan was also incredibly generous and caring.  Once when I was making out a donation check to a childhood cancer charity, Ryan insisted on emptying his piggy bank to add to the donation.  His selfless act inspired others to match his $89 donation to the tune of over $6,000.  

His childhood cancer journey began in 2004 when, at the tender age or 4, Ryan was diagnosed with neuroblastoma.  He bravely fought through chemotherapy, radiation, surgeries and countless other procedures for over 7 1/2 years.  Our hearts were broken when we lost our precious boy in 2011. We have chosen to turn our anguish into action and, with the help of caring family and friends,  have been holding Cookies for Kids' Cancer bake sales since 2012.

Incredibly, some of Ryan's friends are still in treatment.  Please help us fund much-needed new treatments for those children still fighting this battle today and those who will so unfairly be chosen to fight in the future.