Cookies For Kid's With Cancer

$20,115.01 raised

Hello everyone. And thanks for checking out our fundraising page. The buy in the picture is my now 2 year old son Noah. Noah was diagnosed at 8 months old with Bilateral Wilm's Tumors. Also known as kidney cancer. He underwent 6 weeks of chemo to try to shrink the tumors. The tumors unfortunately did not react to the chemo at all. So it was decided that surgery was the next step. In March of 2015 my son underwent a surgery to remove his right kidney which was en-capsuled by the tumor and they also had to remove the tumor from his left kidney. This left him with 75% of his left kidney remaining. He then continued another 18 weeks of chemo. It was very rough on his little body. He ended up with many hospital stays due to extremely high fevers, and emergency surgery for an obstructed bowel.

On our journey I have learned so much about childhood cancer. Like my sons chemo is the same regimen as it was in the 1970's. They have not come up with any new chemos for his type of cancer. Also the chemo he received is adult chemo. There are so many horrible long term side effects from this. Noah is currently on heart medicine to regulate his blood pressure. Chemo damaged his heart. The medicine that saved him could end up being the medicine that hurts him the most. This is unacceptable. Our kids deserve better. Our kids deserve more then 4% of the national funding.

We are holding a Childhood Cancer Awareness Rally on September 10th at Halmich Park in Warren, Michigan from 10am to 3pm. I will have a Bakesale booth there. If you are unable to attend this event please feel free to donate whatever you can on this page. Noah appreciates it and so do all the other kids who are battling cancer.