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3rd Annual OXO Cookie Press

The 3rd Annual Cookie Press Fundraiser event just wrapped! Stellar performance from all participants! Most importantly, we’re well on our way to achieving our fundraising goal. Just a few more donations to get there. Sincerest of appreciation to all who have supported the team and donated to this amazing organization. Below is a full recap of the event complete with video at the bottom of the page. Thanks to Joey for announcing, to Amalia for taking photos and video, and fantastic job to the Cookie Press Team!!!

Here are the results -

Becca del Monte

Goal: 70lbs, 10 reps

Actual: 70lbs, 8reps

It was a rookie performance of which to be proud! Becca was completely new to bench pressing and trained hard for this event. It showed in the impressive results. Congrats Becca!

Francoise Vielot

Goal: 75lbs, 10 reps

Actual: 75lbs, 10 reps

Second year participating, second year hitting her goal. Way to aim higher and nail it!

Diana Rey

Goal: 75lbs, 12 Reps

Actual: 75lbs, 10 Reps

So close on the rep target, but way to power through 10 of a higher weight than last year! Most importantly, you gave it your all and you didn’t let Francoise do more than you ;)

Dave Wight

Goal: 125lbs, 10Reps

Actual: 130lbs, 10 Reps

Dave stepped up to the bench, instructed us to add 5lbs, said he didn’t need a lift off, and proceeded to crank out his target of 10 reps. I fully expected him to then stand up, pull a mic out of his gym shorts, drop it and walk out of the gym. There’s always next year. Nice work, Dave!

Mack Mor

Goal: 200lbs, 7 Reps

Actual: 205lbs, 6 Reps

Mack also added 5lbs to his target weight and then crushed it with 6 reps! His attempt at a 7th rep was the closest I’ve seen a human being come to exploding. Way to bring it, Mr. Mor!

Mike Delevante

Goal: 225lbs, 10 Reps

Actual: 225lbs, 9 Reps

Third time was not a charm. Fourth time definitely will be.

Mike Day

Goal: 225lbs, 10 Reps

Actual: 225lbs, 15Reps

Mike Day might be an Avenger. He crushed his goal and I think he only stopped because he had a meeting. Mack could’ve sat on the bar and it wouldn’t have slowed him down. Well done, sir! Bonus Avenger joke: I could do this all Day!


Hello All,

On Friday, May 3rd @ 1PM, a team of six current and 1 former OXO co-workers will be participating in The 3rd Annual Cookie Press Fundraiser!

We have each set individual bench pressing goals that we have been training to meet or beat, and are seeking sponsors to raise funds for Cookies For Kids Cancer in support of the event. In the last two years, we’ve raised over $8,500!

If you would like to support us and more importantly give to Cookies, please make a donation on this fundraising page between now and the event date. Our goal is to raise $5,000.

A recap of the event, complete with videos will be available on the fundraiser page shortly after it takes place.  

Here’s the 2019 Team and our goals!

Becca del Monte – 70lbs, 10 Reps

This will be Becca’s first year on the team and we’re happy to have her! She’s new to bench pressing, but not new to setting goals and crushing them! She’s been training hard at the gym on 2M so looking forward to a stellar performance!

Francoise Vielot – 75lbs, 10 reps

This will be Francoise’s second year participating. Last year she nailed her goal of 70lbs, 10 reps, so happy to see her pushing herself further. No doubts she’ll have another big day!

Diana Rey – 75lbs, 12 reps

This will also be Diana’s second year in the Cookie Press. She had very impressive performance last year, destroying her goal of 70lb, 12 reps by doing 15 reps!! Like Francoise, she will be elevating to an 75lb target this year. Who do you guys think will do more reps?  

Dave Wight – 125lbs, 10 reps

Former OXO teammate is now a current Cookie Press teammate! In his first year participating Dave has signed up for "10 reps at 125lbs and no more than 1 week in the hospital." Let's hope all of his goals are achieved. 

Mack Mor – 200lbs, 7 reps

Mack is returning for his 2nd stint in the Cookie Press as well. Although he missed last year’s goal of 225lbs, 5 reps by just one rep, it was the most he’d ever benched in his life and an accomplishment of which to be incredibly proud!

Mike Delevante – 225lbs, 10 Reps

This is my 3rd year trying for the same goal. 2017 – 7 reps. 2018 – 8 reps. Will be super embarrassing to miss it again. Shame is my fuel.

Mike Day – 225lbs, 10 Reps

It’s year 2 for this Mike D. He set the bar high for his rep total last year and although he didn’t quite get there, he still was able to rock 225lbs for 14 reps! NFL linebackers and OXO Sr Accountants put up those types of numbers. A busy financial year for Helen of Troy Housewares Division leaves little time for training, so All Day is backing off his goal for this year. No doubt he’ll kill it!  

There you have it. Please feel free to spread the word. Thanks to all who rally behind the team and help us raise as much as we can for Cookies!!!

Together we can make a difference for kids' battling cancer. Thank you for your support!