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UNITEd with Cookies for Kids' Cancer - Rutgers UNITE 2019

8 Years ago we created a team to participate in the Rutgers UNITE Half Marathon and 8K on behalf of Cookies for Kids' Cancer.  The goal was simple, get as many people as we could to do good for themselves (running/walking) while doing good for others (raising money and awareness on behalf of children battling pediatric cancer).  The Rutgers UNITE was an easy fit to bring these two goals together - the event is fun and the course is easy enough for even the most novice of us all.  Run or walk, fast or slow, we were all there for the same reason which created such a strong bond amongst each one of us.  

Fast forward to 2019 and while we've taken a few years off here and there, our goal is the same.  Only today, our purpose is even stronger.  Children battling the beast of cancer continue to be overlooked in the world of funding for better meds and less toxic therapies.  While there are amazing discoveries made in the world of cancer research, these inroads are not necessarily always transferrable to the world of pediatric cancer, which is where Cookies for Kids' Cancer comes in.  The goal is to raise money to fund the research at major cancer centers around the nation that are working towards easing the battle for pediatric cancer patients.  Not adults, but children.  Just children.  

This is where you come in . . . Want to help?  Join us.  Join our team and if you can't join our team, then donate to our team.  Every single dollar raised will be earmarked for the medical advisory board to put towards promising research and development designed to battle pediatric cancer.  

Thank you for all you promise to do on behalf of some of the most vulnerable patients in our communities.  

With love, 

Team UNITEd with CFKC