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$109,588.94 of $100,000.00 goal raised

In the world of bone marrow transplants, the transplant anniversary is known as a "rebirthday." May 13 2017 is my daughter Mira's first rebirthday, the anniversary of her transplant that gave her a second chance at life.

For almost an entire year, Mira was not allowed in public spaces including school and grocery stores and always needed a parent to be with her. The rebirthday means that she will be off her restrictions and will not need constant care any more. So it is time for me to focus on taking care of my own health and to give back to childhood cancer research.

According to the NIH (1), 43 children and teenagers are diagnosed with cancer each day in the United States. To honor these children, I will be walking/jogging/running 43 miles each week for 10 weeks - from Sunday, May 7 to Saturday, July 15. (Wish I could do 43 miles each day, but I will do at least 4.3 each day.)

The Smith Family foundation is matching all contributions made in the month of May. Mathworks will match all contributions from employees up to $500 per person, and the first $500 of outside contributions. So you have an opportunity to TRIPLE your impact.

For updates, follow us at https://www.facebook.com/mirasfighters/

Childhood cancer gets only 4% of federal funding for cancer research, but children's developing bodies respond very differently to the drugs used in chemotherapy. Most children are treated with drugs developed for adult cancers, not because those are the best drugs but because they are the only available option. These drugs leave them with lasting toxic side effects to their vital organs. We need more funding to help fund research for therapies specifically for children. No contribution is too small or too large, every dollar counts!

Thanks for your support!

- Bhavya


1. Ref: https://www.cancer.gov/types/childhood-cancers/child-adolescent-cancers-fact-sheet#r1


Progress so far:

Week of May 7 - May 13: Total 60.2 miles, lowest in a day 6.98
Week of May 14 - May 20: Total 55.4 miles, lowest in a day 5.91
Week of May 21- May 27: Total 58.14 miles, lowest in a day 6.18
Week of May 28- June 3: Total 51.7 miles, lowest in a day 6.46
Week of June 4 - June 10: Total 52.41 miles, lowest in a day 6.52
Week of June 11- June 17: Total 51.53 miles, lowest in a day 6.18
Week of June 18- June 24: Total 52.51 miles, lowest in a day 5.4
Week of June 25 - July 1: Total 51.96 miles, lowest in a day 5.36
Week of July 2 - July 8: Total 48.96 miles, lowest in a day 4.63
Week of July 9 - July 15: Total 46.44 miles, lowest in a day 5.39