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Katesbakes 2019 - the year of no cookies


Hello! Welcome (back) to my 6th #KatesBakes Cookies for Kids' Cancer fundraiser! When I posted my earlier message on my KatesBakes facebook page that I wasn't doing the baking fundraiser this year, I received so many messages of support and well wishes for my nagging knee problem....but I have also received several texts and PMs offering to donate to my cause anyway, even without the cookies or caramels. I was so touched! It hadn't dawned on me that some of you may want to donate anyway, just to support a very worthy cause while I take a year off.

CookiesForKidsCancer is a registered 501(c) charity that raises money for fund research grants leading to clinical trials and less toxic, more effective treatments for children fighting cancer. Pediatric cancer research is a tragically underfunded cause with only 4% of the National Cancer Institute's annual budget apportioned to such funding. (Read more here: https://www.thetruth365.org/mission)

From its humble beginnings 19 years ago, my small #katesbakes operation has morphed into a massive cookie production line - but my knee just can't handle that many hours of standing this year.

So I've lowered my goal to $1000 and honestly, it's so heart-warming that my favorite customers are willing to pitch in and help this important cause without any cookie (or caramel) compensation at all!

But hey, the good news is there's no complicated donate-here, send-shipping-funds-to-Kate confusion this way! Just click the Donate button, and that's it! (And if you DO want cookies, click the Send Cookies button - I can attest to the fact that these are also good cookies :)

Happy holidays and ho ho ho!