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The Good Cookie Challenge

Every day across America, more than 40 children are diagnosed with cancer. Pediatric cancer is the #1 cause of death by disease of kids in the U.S.

Join us during National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month this September, and take the Good Cookie Challenge. Together, we can fundraise for childhood cancer research, develop less toxic treatments, and save lives. 

Check out the State Leaderboard below, and click through to read about fundraising in your region.


*** $100,000 MATCH ALERT ***

All fundraising dollars will be MATCHED by OXO, up to $100,000, doubling the impact of your efforts!

Simply click the JOIN button today, and select "OXO" when you reach the question "How did you hear about Cookies for Kids' Cancer?” 

Set an ambitious goal and you’ll receive a FREE OXO Fundraising Kit, including an OXO POP cookie jar, cookie bags, stickers, and more.

Then, post about your fundraiser with the hashtag #OXOGOODCOOKIES to involve your friends, family, colleagues, and community.

Stuck on an idea for a fundraiser? We’ll help you set up the perfect Good Cookie Challenge event! You may choose to honor a loved one, host a bake sale, plan a party, work with your local school, or get your coworkers and company involved, like OXO. Get in touch, we're here to help.

Be A Good Cookie - click the JOIN button now.



Introducing the ‘Bake A Difference’ Good Cookie Challenge.

This year, OXO will donate to your fundraising efforts every time you complete a cookie recipe from one of our celebrity chefs. 

Just post a photo of your batch of cookies on social media with the hashtag #OXOGOODCOOKIES.

Recipes and details coming soon!