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Emily Dickinson Crazy Hair and Hat Day to support Pediatric Cancer Research


On Thursday August 27, 2015 our 6-year old son Walker Wagner was taken to our pediatrician for what we thought would be his annual exam. Instead we walked out devastated and in shock with the diagnosis of a brain tumor. That night we were life flighted from Bozeman, MT to Children’s Hospital in Denver, Colorado. On August 31, the tumor was removed but weeks later we got our second worst nightmare that he did in fact have a malignant medulloblastoma.

The tumor removal was successful however over a year later and he has had to endure 31 rounds of radiation to his brain and spine, 8 rounds of chemotherapy, many transfusions and long hospital stays. We are thrilled to announce that his last chemotherapy was September 15, 2016 and his scans have show him cancer free! Although Walker is finished with his treatment we now have to prepare for the many many harsh side effects that will come from such a brutal treatment on a young growing body. 

No parent can ever prepare for the horrible diagnosis that your child has cancer. The fact that it will cripple you emotionally, tear your family into two states, rob your finances, leave your heart aching for good health and unable to breath with the thought that your child could be taken from you too soon. Our eyes will forever be open to finding a cure for this horrible disease and for finding ways to lessen the harsh treatments they all endure and sadly don't survive. We hope you join us and other cancer families in the fight for funding, finding cures an unlocking the closed doors to those around us unaware of how these children and those who love them suffer.