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Hello All,

On Friday, May 15th @ 1PM, our biggest team ever will participate in The 4th Annual Cookie Press Fundraiser!

The team has been training hard to meet individual bench pressing goals that we'll attempt at the event. More importantly, we are seeking sponsors of the event to raise funds for Cookies For Kids Cancer. In the last three years, we’ve raised almost $14,000!

Please make a tax-deductible donation on this fundraising page between now and the event date. Our goal this year is to raise $7,000.

A recap of the event, complete with videos will be available on the fundraiser page shortly after it takes place.  

Here’s the 2020 Team and our goals!

Rose Bloomberg, Smart Design - 45lbs, 10 reps

Ilana Rosen, OXO - 60lbs, 11 reps

Francoise Vielot, OXO - 70lbs, 10 reps

Becca del Monte, OXO - 75lbs, 5 reps

Francesca Castelli, Smart Design - 85lbs, 5 reps

Vincent Valderrama, Smart Design - 135lbs, 3 reps

David Wight, BD - 135lbs, 10 reps

Ed Laganis, Smart Design - 150lbs, 10 reps

Jonathan, Ng, OXO - 185lbs, 10 reps

Mack Mor, OXO - 200lbs, 5 reps

Mike Delevante, OXO - 225lbs, 10 reps

Linette Guelen, SL Fitness - TBD

Good luck Team!

Please spread the word and thanks to all who rally behind the team and help us raise as much as we can for Cookies!!!