Adalynn's Fight Again Childhood Cancer Bake Sale

$17,059.37 raised

Adalynn was diagnosed with AML - M7 on Jan 4, 2016. She went through 4 rounds of high doses of chemotherapy and finished her treatment the end of May 2016. She reached remission after her first round of treatment, but due to the nature of her diagnosis, it was standard protocol to continue with an  additional 3 rounds. Adalynn has been in remission now for over a year and is doing great. She will continue to be closely followed well into her college years due to her chemotherapy treatment. There is so much more research needed to not only find better ways to treat this disease, but also to find a cure so that no parent will ever have to watch their child go through this. This is why I will continue to help in whatever way I can in raising awareness and money needed to find a cure.