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Abbie's Peeps - Good Cookies

$39,765.77 of $50,000.00 goal raised

Abbie's Peeps was inspired by the friendships that helped Abbie Catherine Waters through her cancer journey.  Abbie passed away two days after hosting her 9th birthday party with many of these friends.She played that day - Apples to Apples, made rice crispy Easter eggs, ate a Justin Beiber themed birthday cake, picked out her clothes to wear, sat by the front door waiting for her friends to arrive, received American Girl Doll clothes, went to the movies and most importantly hung out with her Peeps.  Since her death her little friends (her Peeps) who now are not so little have hosted a bake sale to raise money for kids chancer research so that cancer doesn't take way beautiful people like their friend Abbie from this earth anymore.

Please come to this sale or donate online.  1 in 300 children gets cancer (one in almost every school) and less than 4% of cancer research funds go to kids cancer research.  Over a 100 new drugs have been developed for adult cancer in the last 25 years and only 3 for childhood cancer.  We need your help and no donation is too small.  Thank you for any support you provide even if it is not monetary.  

Virtually all of the money raised from this campaign goes to kids cancer research  Please help more birthdays happen!