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Celebrate like a Good Cookie™

Every day is someone's birthday. And every day, 40,000 kids in the US are actively battling cancer. This year, when your birthday rolls around, make it mean something more by GIVING it to Cookies for Kids' Cancer.

By encouraging friends and family to make a donation in honor of your birthday, you can give those 40,000 kids HOPE.

Getting Started

Ready to pledge your birthday? Start by REGISTERING. When you register, we will add your birthday to our official event calendar to help celebrate. We’ll give you tons of helpful tips for how to start spreading the news and tools to help you reach your goal, including a personal fundraising page where friends and family can donate directly to your birthday online!

Spread the Word

Tell everyone you know that you are pledging your birthday to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. Send emails, make calls, hand out "invites!" Join us on social media too to help get the word out. Make your day extra special by sending us your birthday picture using the hashtag #goodcookiebday.

Be sure to include your birthday pledge details on your personal fundraising page, and share the link to your page OFTEN.

The Details

Turning 8? Ask everyone for a donation of $8 to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer! Or you can come up with your own wish. Create a special Cookies for Kids' Cancer Evite® to share details of your event with friends and family. Every dollar counts when supporting Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. For more fun ideas, email us at

Inspiring Good Cookie Stories...

Ally Hoffman

Inspired by Liam Witt's courageous battle with cancer, Ally began dedicating her birthday to Cookies for Kids' Cancer when she turned 9. She was so excited to know she was helping make a difference. Ally has asked for donations for childhood cancer research instead of gifts for her past four birthdays, and continues to keep up the tradition every year.


Olivia celebrated her 10th birthday in 2014 by asking her friends and family to make a donation to Cookies for Kids' Cancer. Proving you're never too young to make a difference, she served cookies at her party and in total, her efforts raised $820 for childhood cancer research!