other fund raising ideas

The numerous ways you can help raise money for Cookies for Kids' Cancer and pediatric cancer research is only limited by your imagination. We have provided various ideas you might consider trying. Have a suggestion for a fundraiser? We would love to hear your ideas!

         Donate online make a one-time gift or recurring monthly donation

         Garage sale donate earnings from a personal or community wide garage sale

         Give a gift in honor of or memory of a loved one

         Food festival

         Run or bike in a race and raise money for Cookies for Kids' Cancer

         Make a donation in lieu of a wedding or birthday gift

         Make a donation in lieu of giving wedding or party favors

         Get your scout troop, PTA or church group involved

         Car wash

         Sporting events like triathlons, bike races, tournaments


         Connect with a local restaurant to have an all day event or a special evening

         Proceeds from a concert or music festival

         Art show

         Craft fair

         Car show

         Club event like a bridge club or book club

         School event of any kind

         Hat day


         Donate goods or services like printing, accounting, office supplies, etc.

         Become a corporate sponsor


We will continue to add ideas as they are proposed but our belief is that there are endless ways you can support Cookies for Kids' Cancer and our fight against pediatric cancer. Each of you has a skill or passion that when applied to our cause in your own personal way will work to benefit children in the fight against cancer.

Get creative! Get Involved!