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Owen was a healthy baby until he turned 16 months old. On Monday July 2, 2007, I took him to the pediatrician because he had been very fussy and just did not feel well. He was diagnosed with a double ear infection and a possible sinus infection and was started on an antibiotic. Three days past and he was still not feeling any better, and his eyelids started to swell, so I took him back to the doctor and they changed his antibiotic and said the puffy eyes was due to the sinus infection. By Sunday July 8th, his eyes looked terrible and his Daddy returned home from a 2 week trip across the country on his motorcycle, he could not believe how bad Owen looked. Monday morning July 9th, I took him back to the doctor and by this point I knew something was bad wrong, but never would have expected the news we received that day. As soon as the pediatrician saw Owen that morning, he ordered blood work. They drew blood and tried to run a CBC in the office and the white blood cell count was extremely high, so they drew more blood to double check the result and their machine would not even read it because his white count was so high. We were immediately sent to the Pediatric Oncologist Office in Charlotte and were told after running blood work there that Owen had leukemia. He was admitted to the hospital and underwent a bone marrow aspiration and spinal on July 10, 2007 and we were told that he had T-Cell Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia, which is not commonly seen in young children and would require more aggressive chemotherapy. He was started on Chemotherapy and spent several days in the Pediatric ICU. He was a trooper throughout all of his treatment. He took chemo for 3 1/2 years and had 8 days of cranial radiation the day after he turned 3 years old. He completed his chemotherapy treatments December 10, 2010 and continues to go to the oncologist monthly and remains cancer free! We pray that he remains cancer free.