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My daughter Paris was diagnosed with Neuroblsatoma at only 9 days old on November 29, 2007. Can you imagine having a baby and then rushing her to the hospital only 9 days later with a life threatening illness?

I was devastated when they told me that she had cancer and that her chances of survival were not high. Paris' 7 cm tumor presented in the thoracic area, compressing her spinal cord. She began Chemotherapy on December 2, 2007. The tumor responded to the Chemotherapy, allowing surgeons to remove what was left of the visible tumor. In September of 2008 Paris relapsed in the cerebellum. She underwent surgery and then we sought out a second opinion through Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York. There they noticed that there was uptake in her disease, and they performed her third major surgery to remove the remaining tumor from around her aorta. She received focal radiation to the areas where disease presented in combination with chemotherapy, antibody 8H9 treatment, and IV3F8. She developed a heart condition which has forced us to stop the antibody treatment. She is now on Temodar and oral chemotherapy, daily every 42 days for a total of 5 cycles which constitutes 10 months. Upon diagnosis we were fighting to keep her alive to reach her 2nd birthday.

Please get involved! Cookies for Kids' Cancer is a great organization dedicated to helping children with cancer. Paris is an innocent child, like so many others that has been dealt a horrible hand at such an early point of their lives. Together we can make a change. It is the power of the message that creates change. Please listen and open your hearts.