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Diagnosis: Stage IV Neuroblastoma

On August 4, 2011, our son Julian was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma at the young age of six. By October of 2011, Golisano Children’s Hospital in Syracuse had run out of treatment options for him. We started treatment at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) right away. Thanks to MIBG therapy, Julian was able to undergo a transplant and by June showed no evidence of cancer. Unfortunately, Julian relapsed and was listed in terminal condition in July of 2012. We underwent an experimental study protocol to give us more time with him. Miraculously, Julian once again moved into NED – or no evidence of the disease – status. He was 1 out of 100 kids who were "cured" from this. Our journey took us to New York City to participate in a vaccine trial. Sadly, just before school began in September of 2013, Julian had a small focal relapse. We returned to CHOP and Julian began another trial. Two months ago, we learned that Julian's cancer had spread to 80% of his body — from his knees to his skull. We are currently undergoing another round of MIBG therapy and are hopeful it will slow the progression. Julian is battling cancer for the third time, and our young boy has been battling continuously for three years. Despite all this, Julian remains a happy and loving little man who always has a smile on his face! We are grateful for the work of all those who support Cookies for Kids’ Cancer and aim to make a difference to the far too many children who share Julian’s story.