Allie Buckelew

Communications & Social Media

In this picture I had just graduated from Clemson University (Go Tigers!).

Favorite cookie flavor: Snickerdoodles. Yum!

Favorite thing to bake: I love baking chocolate chip muffins (and they are about the only thing I can bake!).

On a Friday night Allie is: On Friday night, I am likely celebrating the weekend out at dinner with my fiancé, Matt, or cuddling with my black lab, Bailey.

Who inspires Allie to #BeAGoodCookie: I am inspired every day by my sisters, Tiffany and Kyndal. Being the middle sister, I am fortunate to have an older sister to look up to, and a young one to mentor. When I think of how different my life would be without them, I think of all the hurt and confusion families must feel when a piece of their puzzle is threatened. My hope is that the work I do will help children in their fight, help families to stay together, and ensure no children have to fight alone.

Contact: allie@beagoodcookie.org