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Details, details, details

Once your planning and people are in place for your Cookies for Kids' Cancer bake sale, it's time to get down to the details. Here are some key tasks to keep in mind as you prepare a week or two ahead of your event:

         Shopping lists with a team in place and a menu ready to go, start organizing what needs to be purchased and who will do the shopping. Remember, grocery shopping is a great task for a non-baker on your team. If your bake sale is simply you and your kids, be sure to take them along to pick out the sprinkles and decorative items for the confections.

         Color coordination Start thinking about the look of your bake sale early. Use our downloadable signs to create a Cookies for Kids' Cancer branded event. There are other things you can do to help draw attention including:

o        Picking bright, cheerful or seasonal colors to fill in your signs and decorations will attract customers and promote a team spirit.

o        Use paper and markers for signage that coordinates. Click on supplies for information on where to find things like kraft paper, and cookie bags.

o        Find table cloths and pretty platters to draw people to your table.

o        Coordinate your bake sale team's attire.

         Packaging Good things come in small packages, but great things come in pretty packages! We have some ideas for ways to make your treats even more appetizing on bake sale day and will share them on a dedicated page in the near future.

PR You are a representative of Cookies for Kids' Cancer, so go spread the word about your upcoming event. We've provided you with a sample press release to send to local media outlets like newspapers, radio, online community bulletin boards, local businesses, etc. We have also provided a permission to use a location form for you to send to the owners or managers of a potential bake sale location like a store, stadium, car dealer, park, cofee shop or other high traffic location in your community. Also, to make it easier for you to get the word out on your stand to potential supporters, we have a pre-fundraiser letter for you to use.