Kimberly Gearhart, Ernst & Young
St. Louis, MO

I absolutely love to bake! Anytime I get some free time, I am in the kitchen testing a new recipe or flipping cooking magazines looking for new recipes to try. I have done a small amount of charity baking in the past, but really wanted 2013 to be a year that I got more involved.

I started to explore some possible organizations where I could put my baking talents to good use and where I felt as passionate about the organization as I did about my baking. When I came across the Cookies for Kids' Cancer site, I knew this was the one. The inspirational stories tugged at my heart.

I immediately approached my company and asked how we could make this happen. I teamed up with my good friend and colleague, Sabra Beatty (who is just as crazy about baking as I am), and we knew we were onto something big. Sabra's father recently passed away from lung cancer, and it was such a great way to turn a painful experience into something positive, while funding cancer research that we both feel is so important.

Our kids are our future! We were shocked to find out how little money goes to fund pediatric cancer research each year and are grateful for the opportunity to help in whatever way we can.

We are extremely fortunate to work for a great organization with great people who are so generous when it comes to supporting great causes. Ernst & Young encourages employees to give back to the community and to get involved with things they are passionate about. We are known as the two resident bakers, and we completely sold out during our last bake sale in just over an hour! We are so excited to be involved in supporting such a wonderful cause that is also supported by corporate matching.