Marcia Lemberg
Englewood, NJ

My passion for baking continues to grow as I become more and more involved with Cookies for Kids Cancer. The charity was formed at a time in my life when I was looking to give back and get involved in something that supported children and cancer. This seemed like a perfect fit for me. I held my 1st bake sale in front of my corporate office where we had over 500 employees. With the help of a lot of bakers and volunteers and a corporate match, we raised over $5000 in 2 hours!

For a long time, I didn't have a place to hold another sale but still wanted to contribute. I started checking the Cookies for Kids Cancer WEB Site and found sales in my area (NY/NJ) almost every week. I contacted the hosts and volunteered to bake. Every host graciously and enthusiastically accepted my cookies and treats. It started out as a few times and month and evolved into up being a few times a week. I also volunteered to work whenever I could. Even though I wasn't hosting my own sale, I felt like I was making a difference and helping cure the ugly monster.

Many of my holiday gifts are now cookies and gift items purchased from the Cookies for Kids Cancer WEB site. Last year I purchased several cook books and OXO Be a Good Cookie spatulas and gave them to several friends as holiday, hostess and birthday presents.

Lesson learned, everyone can help out - there is so much to be done. As Gretchen likes to say, if we all do a little, together we will do a lot.

But I was still very determined to find a venue to hold my own sale. Each year my town holds a 3 day sidewalk sale event. It hit me like a ton of bricks; this would be a great opportunity as the sale gets tons and tons of traffic. I contacted the Chamber of Commerce and told them the story. They were more than happy to have us participate and even waived the fee. I reached out to a few friends, asked if they wanted to assist out and was overwhelmed by their desire to help. You will find most people love the idea about giving back.

What started out as 3 people wanting to make a difference ended up in over 50 people giving time, baking, buying or lending us supplies and making donations on my giving page. I am so grateful for all of the help we received. I am also grateful for all of the donations that were received from the local merchants. All you need to do is ask!!

Being involved in Cookies for Kids Cancer is a rewarding and self satisfying experience. We are all busy with our everyday lives and commitments but we can and should find a way to help. We all can help make a difference by doing something that is saving lives..You will feel great!!!!